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Intimidating powered by phpbb

Maybe something else is going on, but it only takes a few seconds to check this possibility out. It's a bit intimidating, but you can probably get to the bottom of the problem without a complete disassembly.

I checked these functions as you stated above and the gun does function like that. I had another guy at the range look at it the day it happened and he thought that it might be with the release too, but wasn't sure. Remove the barrel, unscrew the magazine nut, remove the magazine spring and cup, undo the clamp screw in the yoke and remove the yoke, turn the receiver upside down and using a screwdriver push the slide stop spring over and remove the forearm assembly.

The position of the action release lever should now be as shown in the next picture.

The tip of the lever should be below the internal slide, allowing the action to be cycled again.

Remove the trigger group, slide, bolt, and carrier from the rear of the receiver.

First, this new style yoke, the one that wraps around the barrel with one screw running from left to right would slide forward from rapid fire or any prolong shooting.Remove the butt plate and remove the butt stock bolt with either a 3/8" socket extension, or a large screwdriver. Remove the locking screws from the carrier screws and the trigger group screw.Remove the carrier screws and the trigger group screw. Jaguarxk120, when the shell gets jammed, I can't open the receiver at all and eject the shell.I try to push the button in that is by the trigger guard and it won't move. I have to push on the button very hard and also push the pump down and after a few minutes, it finally opens up and releases the spent shell. I have shot Winchester low brass and they are terrible and I never bought them again.

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I remember me and my brother running in front of them in a field and pheasants’ dropping all around us (my father would be upset).