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Same works with the opposite: once you had problems finding partners for a while, you might develop a belief that it is hard to find someone, and as a consequence it will be.

There is a fine line between constructive reviews based in fact and malicious lying based on nothing but anger. Long story short, they don’t have to remove anything if they don’t want to, with a few exceptions.

Some people find it very easy to meet new partners and hardly ever have gaps between relationships. If you are not one of them, and it normally takes you longer to find somebody new – maybe a year, or even a few years – you might find it very puzzling, even frustrating.

It doesn’t matter whether their relationships last for years or months – somehow they manage to never stay single for long and easily meet a new love interest shortly after breaking up: a month or two passes and… They do not seem to be any more “deserving” to have a relationship than the rest of us – so how do they do it? Some of them feel that they must have someone in their lives all the time, so they keep going from one relationship to the next, since they absolutely dread the thought of being single.

And if you add a thought “I will never find someone” on top of that, and start believing in it, it will probably get even worse. By changing your beliefs – which is not easy, but it is the only long-term efficient way.

It requires changing not just your thoughts – but your feelings as well: thinking positive is great, but it is not enough if you don’t feel those thoughts are true.

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This also makes you more likely to fall in love – it is easier to impress you.